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Finding a long term partner

Welcome to Love Success. We are an experienced match maker, and we’d love to arrange no-pressure introductions with some of our many single members for you!

We offer a personalised service – you’ll be speaking to a real person, not a computerised system.  We see ourselves as match makers and consultants, helping you find a partner you are compatible with.


We’re A Real Match Maker

At the moment we have approximately 3,000 singles all across Australia and New Zealand.  This is only counting the people who are active and currently desire a meeting.

We won’t waste your time going through profiles of people who might not even be wanting a match.  Instead we’ll do the hard work, and refer to you candidates we feel are a good match for you.

Your Expert Team

Love Success is an owner-managed business with a mature & discreet staff.

We currently have 12 staff members who are specially trained to find a partner for you. We are constantly working to find your perfect match!  Our team members come from all walks of life, and have a wide variety of life experience to build on.  They’re all trained to have an eye for detail in match making.

Our team is lead by Joanne Darby, managing director of Love Success.  When asked what she likes most about her work, Joanne says “The best part of this job is definitely that we really do change people’s lives.

Joanne has been introducing genuine men and women since 1989, and has interviewed thousands of people of all ages and situations.

Meet your team members here…

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