There are a number of ways that you can get the best out of your service. It’s important to follow the instructions we give you when we pass on a match, and to read the Tips for Success in your welcome pack.
1. Keep the initial phone call short & to the point. The purpose of the phone call is to make an arrangement to meet, not to get to know each other or determine compatibility. In order to know if this person may be the right one for you, you need to MEET. Face to Face. And the longer people talk on the phone, the less likely it is to end in a meeting. And that is a lost opportunity.
2. No texting. Never text with someone you don’t know. It assumes an intimacy that isn’t there yet and is also very easy to be taken the wrong way.
3. No exchanging photos. Meet face to face and see if there is chemistry. You can’t cuddle a photo. There are many reasons you can be attracted to someone. It might be their shy sweetness. It might be the confident way they walk and hold themselves. It might be how when they laugh their whole face lights up. You won’t get any of these things from a photo.
4. Don’t talk about the past, only the future. Who really cares how long the person has been with the agency, how many dates he/she has been on or what membership fee they paid? Does this affect in any way whether or not you could make each other happy? Asking these things makes the other person feel you are judging them, and non of us like that feeling.
5. Also avoid talking about past partners and past relationships. Nobody wants to hear about your exes faults, nor do they want to hear how wonderful they were.
6. Give honest feedback about each person you meet. Not only will this help us match you accurately, it will help us match the other person as well.
7. Stay positive. Every meeting is a step in the journey and every person has something to offer. Even if they are not the right one for you, be glad to meet them and grateful for the opportunity to practice your conversation skills.
We are always happy to help so call if you are needing assistance with any aspect of your service 🙂

More Success Stories

It’s been a while since we updated these, it’s been a busy year!  Some of our nicest letters:

From Mr H of NZ “I still have to pinch myself that I have found someone so wonderful! As if we have known each other forever”

Mr G of NZ says about his lady Ms L “A very loving and caring woman. Enjoys rural life. Great sense of humour. Seems perfect for me and me for her. With out joining this network I would never have met L”

From Ms A also from NZ “I would like to say Thank You for introducing me to P.  I feel very lucky. He makes me smile and feel very happy and content. He is kind and respectful. Likes the fact that I am family orientated. I love spending time working with him on the farm…..It’s so great to have someone to share my interests with”.

We love receiving your letters and emails, it’s always great to have good news and happy customers.

It’s easy to get frustrated when you don’t meet the right person straight away, but remember, good things take time!

Yes, we are not cheap, but we are good. We have the largest advertising budget of any agency in Australia or New Zealand and that allows us to build a large network of genuine women and men who are seeking love and happiness, and makes us able to be choosy on your behalf.

Best Wishes

Joanne 🙂

The recipe for Love Success!

Who better to ask than a couple who have been married for 71 years?

It seems the secret is to have fun when you are together, not necessarily to be together every second or to do everything together. Having your own interests is healthy! You won’t agree on everything so it is important to respect your partners beliefs even if you don’t agree with them – if your differences are so fundamental that you are unable to respect their beliefs you most likely shouldn’t be together – and to find that happy medium where you can both be feel valued.

sun article 120215


Forget the fantasy and you’ll find real-life love

I love this article, it says brilliantly something I’ve been telling people for years. There is no such thing as one perfect soul-mate. There are potentially thousands of wonderful soul-mates out there. The key is to stop waiting around for this fantasy perfect person who is going to miraculously come along and do and be everything you want. Open your mind and your heart and give yourself the opportunity to meet someone with whom you can build a joyous and satisfying life.

Chances are they won’t be perfect. They may be a bit shorter or a bit older than you dream of. They might leave the lid off the toothpaste or the seat up on the loo. But they might also cook you fantastic meals or write you inspired love notes or love your kids or grandkids as their own.  Love doesn’t come down from the heavens like a lightening bolt. It starts with 2 people with mutual attraction and an enjoyment of each others company. The rest is up to you to build.


More Happy Couples

We love receiving your letters and emails and photos too. Keep them coming!

From Mr R (member 193117)

The best things about my new partner are: “The natural/enjoyable feeling when in each others company. Her spirit, graciousness, pride of appearance and openness. Plus she is very active.

The best things about being in a relationship are: “Sharing your ideas and feelings, expecting honest feedback and getting it. Giving time to a partner returns joy to yourself (you give to receive!)

Further comments: “I guess I was lucky, Louise was my only meeting, so thank you Rita, your company has helped me immensely”

From Ms C (member 292083)

The best things about my new partner are: “His sense of humour and humility. He is also honest and open, easy to talk to, good company”.

The best things about being in a relationship are: “That you have someone who cares for you… and to share your life with”.

Further comments: “Just to say, Many Thanks for introducing me to Rick”

Thank you everyone,

We are so pleased to hear all about the relationships that sparked from our matchmaking Australia services.

Loneliness is a health hazard

A new study shows loneliness can as much as double your risk of dying.

A timely reminder to look after your love life, none of us were meant to be alone. Also to think about our relatives and neighbours, especially older people are very vulnerable to loneliness, many are not as mobile as they used to be.

Is there someone you know who might benefit from your cheery face? Share the love and it will come back to you!!

Be nice and don’t miss out by being too picky

Interesting article in today’s, originally sourced from the New York Post. I don’t think there is anything in it I don’t agree with. Some good advice indeed!

Russian Connection

We recently welcomed back Victoria, our Russian Consultant.  Victoria worked with us in 2009 and was instrumental in the establishment of our data base of beautiful Russian & Ukrainian ladies both in Australia and New Zealand as well as abroad  and assisted in the successful matches of many of our members.  Since then Victoria has been back to Russia and also spent 2 years in New Zealand. Now back in Australia permanently, Victoria has been working diligently to expand the existing database and now has 100’s of fantastic women of Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian and Uzbek background who she is working with to find their perfect match. Check back soon, we are in the process of setting up Victorias page where she will be posting the photos of some of her listed ladies as well as giving tips about Russian culture to help men who are seeking to find love and happiness with a Russian lady.

A lesson in what NOT to do!

Wow. No wonder this guy is advertising on Craiglist. No self respecting matchmaker would take on this case!!

Whilst this gentleman is an extreme case, it is a good lesson to all of us about whether we have expectations that may be a little unrealistic.  It’s important not to have a huge list of musts and must nots, and to not lay out a list of rules or expectations of a future partner. Otherwise you’ll never find one 😉




Thought for the day

From Dr John F Demartini,

The purpose of marriage is not for you or your partner to be happy as most unwisely imagine. The purpose of marriage is for two partners to equally support and challenge each other in order to own each others disowned parts and to make each other true and authentic as they grow in the awareness of true love”

If you are looking for some inspiring reading I recommend Dr Demartini.

Good Vibrations to you