Forget the fantasy and you’ll find real-life love

I love this article, it says brilliantly something I’ve been telling people for years. There is no such thing as one perfect soul-mate. There are potentially thousands of wonderful soul-mates out there. The key is to stop waiting around for this fantasy perfect person who is going to miraculously come along and do and be everything you want. Open your mind and your heart and give yourself the opportunity to meet someone with whom you can build a joyous and satisfying life.

Chances are they won’t be perfect. They may be a bit shorter or a bit older than you dream of. They might leave the lid off the toothpaste or the seat up on the loo. But they might also cook you fantastic meals or write you inspired love notes or love your kids or grandkids as their own.  Love doesn’t come down from the heavens like a lightening bolt. It starts with 2 people with mutual attraction and an enjoyment of each others company. The rest is up to you to build.


Be nice and don’t miss out by being too picky

Interesting article in today’s, originally sourced from the New York Post. I don’t think there is anything in it I don’t agree with. Some good advice indeed!

A lesson in what NOT to do!

Wow. No wonder this guy is advertising on Craiglist. No self respecting matchmaker would take on this case!!

Whilst this gentleman is an extreme case, it is a good lesson to all of us about whether we have expectations that may be a little unrealistic.  It’s important not to have a huge list of musts and must nots, and to not lay out a list of rules or expectations of a future partner. Otherwise you’ll never find one 😉




Thought for the day

From Dr John F Demartini,

The purpose of marriage is not for you or your partner to be happy as most unwisely imagine. The purpose of marriage is for two partners to equally support and challenge each other in order to own each others disowned parts and to make each other true and authentic as they grow in the awareness of true love”

If you are looking for some inspiring reading I recommend Dr Demartini.

Good Vibrations to you




Opposites really do attract!

Saw this great article today about one of my favourite celebrity ‘odd’ couples, Kirk Pengilly and Layne Beachley.  On the surface they don’t look like a ‘match’ and they were far from impressed with first impressions. But once they relaxed, stopped judging and self sabotaging and just went with the flow, they discovered they were exactly what each other needed. And 13 years later they are still going strong.

So who are some other celebrity couple who’ve shown the right person for you could be quite different to what you thought?

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon – She’s 43, he’s 32, they married in 2008 after dating for just 6 weeks!  5 years and 2 babies later they still look as happy as ever!

Hugh Jackman & Deborra-Lee Furness – He’s 44, she’s 57, they have been together 18 years and still seem very happy.

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones – Despite a 25 year age gap and a number of medical issues, these two have been together for 15 years and are going strong.

Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart – Again a big age difference (22 years) and they’ve been together since 2002, married in 2010 and raising a son together.

So what is the lesson here?   Maybe it’s time to lose the list of ‘must haves’ and open yourself up for who the universe wants to send you 🙂

Here’s another very apt quote from the fantastic Tony Robbins –

“The more rules you have about how people have to be, how life has to be for you to be happy, the less happy you’re going to be.”

Much Love to You

Joanne XX

Thought for the Day

From the inimitable Tony Robbins

“Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something: they’re trying to find someone who’s going to make them feel good. In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take. ”

Wise words indeed!

Loving thoughts & Good Vibrations

Joanne 🙂

Quote for the day…

 “When you are in Love you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams.” – Dr Suess

How romantic 🙂

Love is in the air

Summer is here and its time for love!!  The Christmas and holiday period can be one of the hardest times when you are alone and without your special partner.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have that someone special to go to parties with, stay home with, kiss under the mistletoe and kiss at midnight on New Years Eve!

Congratulations to our recent happy couples:

In South Australia Juan and Joy are going great, as are Sean and Tracey. Errol and Sue from the NSW Riverina. Colin and Noeline in Canterbury district. Peter and Lee from Waikato.  Recent engagements are Ashley and Sharon from Northern Rivers and Andrew and Kerry also from the Riverina.  All our best wishes to you all for the future!