Loneliness is a health hazard

A new study shows loneliness can as much as double your risk of dying.


A timely reminder to look after your love life, none of us were meant to be alone. Also to think about our relatives and neighbours, especially older people are very vulnerable to loneliness, many are not as mobile as they used to be.

Is there someone you know who might benefit from your cheery face? Share the love and it will come back to you!!

Russian Connection

We recently welcomed back Victoria, our Russian Consultant.  Victoria worked with us in 2009 and was instrumental in the establishment of our data base of beautiful Russian & Ukrainian ladies both in Australia and New Zealand as well as abroad  and assisted in the successful matches of many of our members.  Since then Victoria has been back to Russia and also spent 2 years in New Zealand. Now back in Australia permanently, Victoria has been working diligently to expand the existing database and now has 100’s of fantastic women of Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian and Uzbek background who she is working with to find their perfect match. Check back soon, we are in the process of setting up Victorias page where she will be posting the photos of some of her listed ladies as well as giving tips about Russian culture to help men who are seeking to find love and happiness with a Russian lady.

Special Guest Matchmaker

Miss Tawny is joining us this week to make sure all our matches are up to standard.  (Also because of an unfortunate altercation with a window. When you pick a fight with a window, the window always wins!)











Miss Tawny keeping a firm eye on Debra to make sure her matches don’t go to the dogs!

Matchmaking in the Digital Age (Part 2)

Continuing on from last weeks article about the proliferation of fake profiles on online dating sites, I’d like to explore some of the other reasons for the spectacular lack of success experienced by so many people who try web based services.

Another big problem for users is the lack of any verification of the information people give about themselves.  Web based services are often free or have low start up costs, so there is no natural filtering system for those who are not genuinely seeking a partner. Matchmakers provide a professional service and we charge a fee commensurate with that. People who are looking for casual sex or who may have other unsavoury intentions tend to get put off by this. We also require an address and phone number that we can verify. People who are already married or who have something else to hide are not going to provide this information.

Online services also allow people to list themselves giving whatever information they like without verification.

Thus 69 becomes 59, 5’5” becomes 5’9” and a medium build is in reality a size 24.  The internet abounds with profile photos that were taken in 1998.  With a traditional matchmaking service, people rarely bother to attempt to misrepresent themselves, as if they do, we find out straight away and can adjust the profiles accordingly.

From my own perspective, I’ve never understood why people bother to misrepresent themselves. If you say you’re slim, and you’re not, the person is going to see that as soon as you meet them. In the end, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. The other party is going to be unhappy about having their hopes raised and their time wasted.  If your profile is only going attract people who in reality are not interested in you, you are wasting your time with those people anyway.

A genuine matchmaker doesn’t let people pick from photos like some sort of mail order catalogue or as one of my colleagues says  “the Barbie aisle in Toys  R Us”

We match people based on who they really are and what they really want. We cannot guarantee instant chemistry. Chances are you will have to meet a few people before you meet the one you click with. Given that the people you meet have requested someone like you, chances are that will happen sooner, rather than later.

Please have a look at this article on Internet dating sites, this appeared in The Australian newspaper, originally it appeared in The Wall Street Journal.

Matchmaking in the Digital Age (Part 1)

A question often asked is how, with the hundreds of thousands of online dating sites on the net, a traditional matchmaking service can not only survive, but thrive.

The answer is pretty straightforward. What we do actually works.   There are so many online sites out there, that surely if they offered a good chance of actually finding someone, no one would be single! Yet every day I speak to people who have spent months or even years using online dating sites, with little or no results.

The reasons for the lack of success with online dating are many.  Firstly, the most obvious, is that there are a lot of profiles on there that are simply not real. These profiles can be either scammers intent on finding vulnerable people to milk of their life savings. We have all heard the stories and the ACCC reports that online dating scams cost Australians $23 million in 2012. The MBIE reports that New Zealanders lost $2.2 million in 2012.  Another kind of fake profiles are prostitutes who are using the service to find customers.   And lastly, the ACCC has previously taken action against online dating sites for creating their own fake profiles of appealing ladies, that they used to contact genuine members to get them to spend extra money on the site.

Even if the profiles you are viewing are of actual real people, many of these profiles are not even active. Most of the sites require inquirers to create a profile before they can view others profiles or find out any information on costs or processes. Many people never take things any further than this initial enquiry, however these profiles are still online.

So what is the difference with a traditional matchmaker?

Firstly we only accept members with a telephone number and address and who we have spoken with personally.  We also get feedback on every introduction so we are able to ensure the information each member has told us about themselves is accurate.  We require people to meet straight away, rather than wasting endless hours on the telephone or email.  So not only do you avoid the scammers,  you also don’t waste time and money attempting to contact people who are either fakes,  or who may not have been on the site for months or years and who may never have even used the service.

We are at PRIMEX

So all you Primary Industries folks who are in Casino for the PRIMEX can come and say hello!!

Are you a farmer who wants a wife??  Or maybe you make wine or sell tractors?? We have 100’s of lovely ladies who are seeking a sincere country man to call their own. We will have photos avail and matchmakers on site, so come and introduce yourself to us so we can introduce you to someone wonderful today!!

Pavilion 4, Site 4. Primex 2010, Casino Showgrounds, June 17-19, 2010

Love More and Live Longer!

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the old adage that married people live longer is true.

Makes sense really, life is so much better when you are in a happy and loving relationship, why wouldn’t you want to live longer?


No Valentine Again????

Another Valentines Day has come and gone, for some it was a day of love and romance, for singles though it’s a day when everyone seems to be part of a special couples club but you! There is no need to spend Valentines Day or any other day alone. There are many wonderful, genuine women and men out there also seeking happiness with one safe special partner. Singles become couples. Call us today and see who we have waiting in your area.  Ph 1300 856 640. If you are in NZ call 0800 856 640. You could be meeting as soon as tonight!!

Merry Christmas

We would like to wish all our members a happy and festive Christmas and New Year.

The office will be officially “on holidays” from close of business on Friday 19th December, 2008 until Tues 6th January, 2009, although we will be checking messages and emails for any urgent matters.

The 2 weeks we are closed will be credited onto your membership, so you won’t lose any time.  Whether you are already a member or have just been considering it, if you are not currently seeing anyone, please give us a call and let us know, we would like to get us many matches done as we can before the holidays start.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend Christmas with that someone special?

All our best wishes for the season 🙂

Photos & Profiles are coming!

We are just putting the finishing touches to the profiles of the first of our “Featured members”.

Their photos and profiles will be on the site shortly, so be sure to visit often!

If you would like to find out how you can get your photo and profile on this site, give the friendly staff a call on 1300 856 640.