Frequently Asked Questions

At Love Success, we are dedicated to helping people change their lives in the face of love. We offer personalised matchmaking services, where you will always be taken care of. Our team work around the clock to bring out each members best qualities, and match them with a potential partner.

We only perform matchmaking on people who are genuinely interested in meeting you. We have complied some FAQs below, if you have a question that is not here – please feel free to contact our friendly team today.

What kind of people come to Success Network?

Enjoy Life Together

Love Success introduces people from all walks of life. Unlike many other agencies, we do not restrict membership to people with a certain income or education level.

We welcome any application, as long as you are over the age of 18, unattached and genuine in your desire to find love and happiness with one safe partner. We have a broad range and feel sure we’ll be able to assist you with our high degree of professionalism.

How do I know I will meet the kind of person I am looking for?

Our team have many years of experience in matchmaking services for people who are likely to to be a good fit for each other. We will work with you to carefully build a profile of the type of person you are looking to meet and take your preferences into account when we match you.

We will cover issues such as physical appearance, lifestyle, financial situation, religion, children, family, working hours and goals for the future. Our goal is to match you with the person who will compliment you and with whom you can build a happy life.

Sometimes that person is not exactly what you thought you wanted – what you want and what you need can be very different things! Our matchmakers will use their expert skills and experience to find the ideal person for you.

What guarantees do you offer?

All memberships provide a minimum number of introductions.  Specialised memberships are also available whereby we guarantee to work with you until you are happily matched.

How is an introduction made?

Both parties are contacted by phone by one of our introduction staff. When both parties have been informed about each other, the phone numbers are exchanged as well as the most convenient time for contact to be made.

The purpose of the initial phone call is simply to make an arrangement to meet, not to determine whether or not this person is someone you would be interested in forming a relationship with. That is the purpose of the meeting. Our matchmaking services extend beyond this, and we can also organise for professional photos for your profile.

Where should we meet?

Before making the initial phone call you should have some ideas about where to meet.  For the first meeting we suggest a fairly casual meeting, such as coffee or a few drinks.  Should the meeting go well, you can also suggest getting a bite to eat, going for a walk etc to extend the meeting.

The ideal place is somewhere that is convenient for both parties and appropriate for a first meeting. For instance, most women will not feel comfortable attending a meeting in an area they don’t know well, which is not busy or is rough, such as a public bar.  Women tend to have more awareness for their personal safety and this is something a man should consider if he is suggesting a meeting place.

The party who suggested the meeting place should also confirm with the venue their opening hours to ensure you don’t arrive only to find that the venue is closed.

Meeting Like Minded People Is The Key

I would like to see this person again, what do I do?

Tell the person you have enjoyed their company and ask her if they would like to meet up again, for dinner or for some activity you both enjoy. Be sure to follow up with a phone call to arrange the next meeting within a few days.

Also be sure to ring the agency and let us know you will be seeing each other again.  If things are successful after the second meeting you can place your file on HOLD.

This is not the one for me, what do I do?

Thank the person for their company, tell them it was a pleasure to meet them and that you hope they meet someone more suitable soon.  Then ring the agency and let us know what you did and didn’t like about the person.

Nothing you say is passed on to the other person, it is simply for our records to help match you both more accurately. This helps us to improve our matchmaking services for you for your next meeting.

Are you able to arrange the meeting for me?

Love Success offers a “Social Secretary” service which enables us to arrange the time and place of the meeting. This service is available at no cost with some VIP memberships or for an additional fee to other membership levels. Please refer to our “Membership Options” for further information.

Can I see photos before I accept an introduction?

Success Network are experienced, specialist matchmakers and we choose each introduction carefully. We suggest you trust our judgement and meet each person we suggest for you.

It is worth taking an hour out of your day to meet someone who might be perfect for you. In the event that you are in a very isolated area or wanting to meet someone who is interstate, it’s possible to send a photo of the person once they have accepted your profile.

What are the advantages of a Personal Consultant?

Working with a personal consultant means that you have one person in the office who is responsible for overseeing all your introductions. This means that the person who knows you best is the one responsible for your matches.

We find this results in most people finding a partner faster than those who are in non-personalised services. Many people find success through both types of service, so it really is a matter of what you feel most comfortable with.

I’m looking for a specific type of person, what can you do for me?

At Success Network we believe that no one is too difficult to match, we have many options available to us to seek out the person you want to meet.

We can advertise, get referrals, telemarket, text broadcast or do a mail out. A consultant can advise you on the best option and quote you an appropriate fee.

What is your success rate?

This varies between memberships. Some people are lucky and find happiness with the first person they meet. Others will require more introductions. As a general rule, the greater number of people your details are reviewed against, the faster the introductions are processed and the sooner you will meet someone you like. People who provide detailed feedback also tend to match up faster.

I’ve met the person of my dreams, what do I do now?

Once you start dating you can place your file on HOLD. The amount of time you can place your file on HOLD varies between memberships. Once you know you have found THE ONE you can request your file to be moved to our HAPPY WITHDRAWN (HW) section.

HW files are not contacted again and after a period of time (depending on regulations in your state) your details will be destroyed.

How many people do you have on your books?

This varies from time to time of course, but at the moment we have approximately 3,000 singles all across Australia and New Zealand.  We only count people who are active and desirous of meeting up now.

We don’t waste your time making you trawl though 1000’s of profiles of people who may not even be looking, let alone suited. We do all the hard work for you and refer you to someone who has heard or seen your profile and wants to meet you!

Do you accept people who are attached and/or just looking for a fling?

No. We do not provide our services to people who are attached or seeking a one night stands or casual encounter.

That doesn’t mean you have to want to get married tomorrow to use the service though! We introduce people who seek friendship, companionship, dates and outings as well as those who know they are ready to settle with one special partner.

We use our expertise to make sure you meet someone who is looking for the same thing as you and has the same motivations. So you meet the the right person – at the right time.

How do I know it works?

Click here to view comments from our happy clients.

What else can you do for me?

We can organise professional photography and promote your photo to potential partners.  Our social secretary service looks after everything for you. We organise the time the place and your date, you just need to be there! We also offer style and image consulting. If you feel your image or appearance is holding you back from forming the right relationship, we can help.

Call and enquire about the variety of additional services we can offer. When you meet someone you like, we can even arrange for flowers or a gift to delivered. We really are the dating specialists!

How do I get started?

Easy! Just call us direct on 1300 856 640 (in Aust) or 0800 856 640 (from NZ) and one of our dedicated and friendly staff will help you. You can even preform a Free Search on Possible Matches!

If you have a question about our services please let us know at admin@Love

Check out our Terms and Conditions of Membership and our Membership Options