Getting to know you is a process

Over many years of introducing men and women I have found that the single biggest mistake people make (and quite frankly one of the rudest habits we see) is “GRILLING” the person they have been introduced to about such topics as

*Why did you split up with your ex?

*When was your last relationship?

*Why are you single?

*Why did you join the agency?

*Who else have you met?

*How much did you pay the agency?

Not only are these sorts of questions inappropriate, they are downright RUDE!

People who persist in asking these sorts of questions are unlikely to ever find a partner until they cease this behaviour.

Some people even think they know better or have special rights because they work as counselors or therapists.  Some people say “I’m just inquisitive”.

No you are just rude.

Just because you have been ‘introduced’ to a person doesn’t mean you should throw all the normal rules out the window and put the other party through some kind of interrogation. If you had been introduced through a mutual friend or colleague or met through mutual interests you wouldn’t ask those sorts of questions. 

Treat the people you meet through the agency with the same respect as you would treat people you met anywhere.

On the same topic, be sure you are not guilty of ‘unloading’ about your past to the people you meet.

Never run down your past partner or the previous people you have been introduced to. It does NOT make you look good. Quite the opposite in fact.

People want a partner to enhance their life, no one wants to meet someone who complains about everyone and everything, or apportions blame for every problem they have.

So put on a happy face and talk about something else!

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