Happy Hold Letter of the week

Matchmaking can be a frustrating exercise, but opening the mail is always a fun part of the day. The loveliest Happy Hold letter we got this week was from Ms R from the Northern Tablelands.  She joined in March this year. She and Mr K have been dating about 6 weeks now. She says the best things about Mr K are “His humour, his laughter, ability to do so many things. His generosity, kindness”.  She says the best things about their burgeoning relationship are “The uncanny similarities, same tastes, same feelings” Ms R finishes with “I have waited for so long to find someone like K, he’s great to be around”  Thanks Ms R, we love hearing your happy stories 🙂

Funniest Happy Hold letter this week comes from Ms Y, a lovely lady in her 70’s. She’s enjoying the companionship and the conversation. She likes the fact her new man is attentive and phones regularly and that the best thing about her new partner is “He doesn’t pester me for sex”.  So there you have it fellas, sometimes the way to a ladies heart is a laid back approach!!!!

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