There are a number of ways that you can get the best out of your service. It’s important to follow the instructions we give you when we pass on a match, and to read the Tips for Success in your welcome pack.
1. Keep the initial phone call short & to the point. The purpose of the phone call is to make an arrangement to meet, not to get to know each other or determine compatibility. In order to know if this person may be the right one for you, you need to MEET. Face to Face. And the longer people talk on the phone, the less likely it is to end in a meeting. And that is a lost opportunity.
2. No texting. Never text with someone you don’t know. It assumes an intimacy that isn’t there yet and is also very easy to be taken the wrong way.
3. No exchanging photos. Meet face to face and see if there is chemistry. You can’t cuddle a photo. There are many reasons you can be attracted to someone. It might be their shy sweetness. It might be the confident way they walk and hold themselves. It might be how when they laugh their whole face lights up. You won’t get any of these things from a photo.
4. Don’t talk about the past, only the future. Who really cares how long the person has been with the agency, how many dates he/she has been on or what membership fee they paid? Does this affect in any way whether or not you could make each other happy? Asking these things makes the other person feel you are judging them, and non of us like that feeling.
5. Also avoid talking about past partners and past relationships. Nobody wants to hear about your exes faults, nor do they want to hear how wonderful they were.
6. Give honest feedback about each person you meet. Not only will this help us match you accurately, it will help us match the other person as well.
7. Stay positive. Every meeting is a step in the journey and every person has something to offer. Even if they are not the right one for you, be glad to meet them and grateful for the opportunity to practice your conversation skills.
We are always happy to help so call if you are needing assistance with any aspect of your service 🙂

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