Matchmaking in the Digital Age (Part 1)

A question often asked is how, with the hundreds of thousands of online dating sites on the net, a traditional matchmaking service can not only survive, but thrive.

The answer is pretty straightforward. What we do actually works.   There are so many online sites out there, that surely if they offered a good chance of actually finding someone, no one would be single! Yet every day I speak to people who have spent months or even years using online dating sites, with little or no results.

The reasons for the lack of success with online dating are many.  Firstly, the most obvious, is that there are a lot of profiles on there that are simply not real. These profiles can be either scammers intent on finding vulnerable people to milk of their life savings. We have all heard the stories and the ACCC reports that online dating scams cost Australians $23 million in 2012. The MBIE reports that New Zealanders lost $2.2 million in 2012.  Another kind of fake profiles are prostitutes who are using the service to find customers.   And lastly, the ACCC has previously taken action against online dating sites for creating their own fake profiles of appealing ladies, that they used to contact genuine members to get them to spend extra money on the site.

Even if the profiles you are viewing are of actual real people, many of these profiles are not even active. Most of the sites require inquirers to create a profile before they can view others profiles or find out any information on costs or processes. Many people never take things any further than this initial enquiry, however these profiles are still online.

So what is the difference with a traditional matchmaker?

Firstly we only accept members with a telephone number and address and who we have spoken with personally.  We also get feedback on every introduction so we are able to ensure the information each member has told us about themselves is accurate.  We require people to meet straight away, rather than wasting endless hours on the telephone or email.  So not only do you avoid the scammers,  you also don’t waste time and money attempting to contact people who are either fakes,  or who may not have been on the site for months or years and who may never have even used the service.

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