Terms & Conditions of Membership

  1. The “Membership Options” forms part of the terms & conditions of membership and provides a full description of the type and levels of service provided by Success Network, (hereinafter referred to as The Agent), as well as the price.
  2. Criteria for introductions: You have engaged a professional matchmaking service and thus agree to follow our advice about who you will meet.  The Agent will take the member’s stated preferences requirements into account when choosing a match, but will consider such preferences to be a guide only and will choose matches based on their professional opinion.
  3. The Agent reserves the right to offer fee reductions to persons who provide testimonials. 
  4. Introductions are made by the provision of telephone numbers to either or both parties on a one to one basis (unless the member chooses the “Social Secretary” option as per Clause 5 of this statement). These details may be given to the member over the phone, in the office, by mail or email.  The female may be given the males phone number (unless he has specifically requested it to be kept confidential) and the male may be given the females phone number (unless she has specifically requested it to be kept confidential). The male shall not be provided with the female’s phone number without her consent. In the rare circumstance where a phone number of either party cannot be given out, contact details such as email or PO Box addresses may be given out, or letters may be exchanged via the Agent.
  5. Should a member wish to use the “Social Secretary” option available to qualifying members in the V & P services, the Agent will arrange the time and place of the meeting and give those details to both parties. The Agent will ensure both parties are agreeable to the meeting and arrange for a contact person at the meeting venue to be aware of the meeting and to facilitate the smooth running of the meeting as able.
  6. When, during the course of the membership, a member enters a happy relationship or is unable to use his/her membership due to illness, travel, etc, they may contact the agent to place their file on “HOLD”.  The amount of “HOLD” time allocated to a member will be specified in the members “Guarantee of Service”.
  7. All members must be either:  never married, legally separated, divorced or widowed;  and not in any other form of relationship that would preclude them entering into a long term relationship.
  8. A member must inform the Agent of any change in address, phone number or personal circumstances which is likely to be deemed relevant by the Agent in the provision of service to; and the accurate description of the member, as soon as is practicable.
  9. A member must make all reasonable effort to contact and arrange a meeting with each person to whom he/she is introduced.
  10. A member must provide feedback on each introduction, whether or not contact was made or a meeting took place.
  11. A member must ensure that the information provided by them the agency is true & correct to the best of their knowledge and that the provision of false information to The Agent may result in a members service being terminated without  recompense.
  12. Any complaint should be made in writing to “The Manager” who will respond in writing within 21days.
  13. All members are required to act in a polite and reasonable manner in all dealings with other members to whom they are introduced as well as with all staff members. The use of foul, abusive or sexually explicit language towards other members or staff may result in membership being revoked without recompense, as will harassment, stalking or the forwarding of abusive, offensive or obscene material by mail, email, text or picture message.
  14. Members agree to refrain from making any personal overtures toward any member of staff.
  15. No cancellation or refund will be made for change of mind or circumstance or other reason unless notice given in writing within three business days.
  16. Memberships are not transferable to other persons.
  17. Should a member give written authority for their photo or profile to be published on the Agents website or advertisements, that that authority will remain until revoked in writing.
  18. The Agent relies on the information provided to it by members when making introductions. It makes no warranties as to the accuracy of this information. Any member who has evidence that information provided to The Agent by another member is false or misleading, must report that information to The Agent as soon as possible.
  19. Members must not SMS or email a photo of themselves to a person they have been introduced to, or request a person to SMS or email a photo of themselves, unless specifically directed to do so by SNI.