**Testimonials are in writing and available for inspection at our offices**

“Very pleased with Success Network, they are very caring” Ted NSW  (member 125156)

“Just a short note to thank you for matching us up, as you can see Peter and I got married last October. We had a lovely time getting to know each other before the wedding. We got engaged in April and because we are an older couple we decided to marry later in the year….Thank you” Dianne & Peter NSW (members 220298 & 124782)

“Realistic introductions. No pressure. Good support” Jean NZ  (member 293917)

“Seems perfect for me and me for her. Without joining this network I would never have met Lorraine” Gary NZ  (member 195106)

“Thank you for introducing me to Graeme. Sure was worth the wait. We hope to spend the rest of our lives together” Carole NZ  (member 293775)

“I would like to say Thank you for introducing me to Phillip. I feel very lucky” Angie NZ  (member 293399)

“We get on like a house on fire” Don NZ  (member 194658)

“For me 10 from 10” Geoff NZ  (member 194919)

“He enjoys my company, my being with him makes me laugh. Thank you for sending Tony to me” Shirley NSW  (member 222360)

“We are so compatible! I still have to pinch myself that I have found someone so wonderful! As if we have known each other forever” Harold NZ, (member 193217)

“She makes the relationship wonderful. I think we are very lucky to be together” Charlie NZ,  (member 194385)

“Great Selecting. Your service is very professional and I suppose at times intuitive. Thank you!” Janene NZ (member 292828)

“9 years on my own, it’s very lonely, coming home from a hard day at work, no-one to talk to. It’s very lonely not knowing what’s around the corner. We are both very happy people, no more tears, no more sorrow for me, It’s fun and laughter all the way! Thank you for sending me such a nice person, if it wasn’t for you I’d be sitting on the fence waiting. Well waiting is over, it’s all go for both of us! Fun, good times to come, lots of laughter. At our age I think it’s great, my family are so very happy for us both.” Tana NZ,  (member 291860)

“She’s bright and bubbly and lovely to be with. We share a lot of the same interests. So nice to once again have a lady in my life” – Bryan NZ  (member 191870)

“She is so loving, so kind…Plus she can cook and the sex is incredible! … We’re on the same wavelength and haven’t even looked like arguing yet!” – Chris NSW  (member 124036)

“Thank you for the intro and the follow up calls. I would definitely recommend you to others and would use you again if I had to. You have made 2 people very happy:)” – Craig NZ 13/02/2014 (member 193313)

“Thank you very much for introducing me to Craig, we have now been dating and getting to know one another on a more personal level. We are both very much happy with one another and feel we have a strong bonding and commitment together” – Jo NZ 29/01/2014 (member 292416)

“Hi Rita and Jessica, Thank you both for the wonderful intro of D.S. She is a fantastic lady and we get along really well and seem to be a great match!!” Russell NZ 26/01/2014 (member 191305)

“He seems to ‘get’ me. We are very much alike in many ways. It is effortless being with Richard. Thankyou! I have been very happy with the service” Louise NZ 15/10/2013 (member 292258)

“He is caring, loving, honest and just amazing fun. We both have fallen very much in love and couldn’t be happier” Sylvia NZ 13/9/2013 (member 292008)

“I have been pleased with your help, it’s better than using pubs and clubs. Thank you for your business” Jeanette NZ 25/7/2013 (member 291117)

“We were soulmates right from the start, and we are ‘in love’. Thank you for bringing us together. Susan NZ 23/7/2013 (member 291321)

“She adores and loves me. Is as honest as the day she was born and speaks from her heart. I also adore and love her” John NZ 8/7/2013 (member 192512)

“I love your continued efforts to help find me a lovely lady. We love being together. Love is grand!” Phil SA 22/2/13 (member 151011)

“He is kind, thoughtful. A lovely man. What more can I say but Thank-you” – Helen NSW 6/12/12 (member code 221819)

“Thank you Dee, as you stated – you know your job!” – Shirley NZ 9/10/2012 (member code 290931)

“I would recommend this agency to others to help people that are single to find their perfect match, so thank you very much for matching me and Shawn you have done a great job! Bravo!!” Alma SA 5/10/2012 (member 250391)

” I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for crossing Wayne and my paths. Just when I thought all the good ones were taken, you proved me wrong. Wayne’s ticked all the boxes and we are very compatible and having a ball. It’s everything I dreamed about” – Joy NZ 8/2/12 (member 290677)

“Joy is a lovely lady who deserves to be loved. I would just like to thank Love Success for joining us together” – Wayne NZ 21/12/11 (member 191392)

“Thanks to Dee, she must be a treasured employee!” – Steve WA 20/8/11(member 162015)

“I was concerned at the start by the cost but you found the BEST lady. She is just the best person to come into my life!” – Mike NZ 9/2/12 (member 191479)

“He is very affectionate, loving, caring and honest and we actually have very good communication. We would just like to thank you very much for putting us in touch with each other. Again THANK YOU” Caron (member 260245) WA, 27/1/11

“It is wonderful to love and be loved in return and share with each other our feelings. Congratulations for the great job you are doing. Carry on!”- Eshene (member 261061) WA, 5/10/10.

“I hope this relationship goes on forever” Kelvin (member 122540) NSW, 30/8/10.

“Karen is the kind and loving lady I have been looking for and may it last for years” – Brian (member 191124) NZ, 25/8/10

“Thank you for matching me to Arthur. He is a lovely man. He is honest, very caring.” – Isobel (member 260993) WA, 13/8/10

“She is a great lady in every way. Thanks for your help” – Joseph (member 160844) WA, 6/5/10

“Friendship, companionship, good company – we laugh a lot! ….. I was doubtful at the start of joining, but really happy to have found Mark. He is a lovely kind man and we are happy together! Thank you!” – Deborah (member 290422) NZ, 18/7/09.

“She is beautiful. A perfect match. Thank you” – Kelvin (member 120756) NSW, 5/6/09.

“I think Wendy is a lovely person, honest, caring and I enjoy her company. It’s early days yet but I love her to bits. Thank you” – Graydon (member 190263) NZ, 12/5/09

“Thank you for finding Tracey for me, she is a loving lady and I know that I’ll be happy with her” – Allen (member 161005) WA, 28/4/09.

“I have enclosed a couple of photos from our wedding on 24 January. Your service introduced myself and Lance about this time last year….we have not looked back….now happily settled into married life” – Di (member 220327) NSW, 27/2/09

“He is sweet, loving, caring, a real gentleman…a purpose to get up and live life to the fullest… Thank you Love Success”- Tanya (member 270332) TAS, 3/2/09

“She is happy and we can relate to each other. Love Success has made my life a better one” – Stephen (member 170487) TAS, 4/2/09.

She is everything I was ever searching for. Makes me happy, makes me laugh. Makes life worth living for. She is so thoughtful to others, a very caring human. Thank you so much for introducing me to such a wonderful compatible partner.” – Graham (member 190703), NZ, 9/12/08.

“He is so loving and caring…I’m not lonely anymore…Thankyou ,Love Success for this opportunity to meet such a wonderful man” – Karen (member 220309) NSW, 29/7/08

“I am happy, happy as I have been in a long time and it is great. I think we are made for each other….I am in love” – Trevor (member 120624) NSW 7/4/08.

“I enjoy her company and her kids….we have a lot of interests in common too… Thanks for your help in finding someone very special… I love Camille a lot” – Michael (member 190423) NSW, 9/2/08.

“We are very happy together and intend to get married. Thank you for all your help” – Alan (member 190065) NZ 25/1/08.

“To Emma & Kim at Love Success, a big thankyou for finding my soulmate Carol. All the best to the other girls, keep up the good work” – Michael (member 170297) TAS, 8/8/07.

“I am so pleased with the care that you have handled this and matched me with the perfect guy” – Kathy (member 270108) TAS, 20/7/07

“He is caring and considerate. Jon has the same zest for life and we have the same goals. Jon and I are are very, very happy together” – Leanne (member 220115) NSW, 7/7/07

“She is just great… She makes me very happy” – Jon (member 120181) NSW, 7/7/07.