The silly season is here

So it’s time to get silly with someone special!  Searching for that perfect gift, kissing under the mistletoe, holding hands while counting down the new year are just some of the wonderful things you get to do when you have love in your life. There’s no doubt about – there is nothing better than being together.  Act now and get some loving in your life!!

Some of our brand new members who are looking for love are:

Ladies:   Miss K, 31 from ACT code 220763, Miss M, 41 from East Murray region SA code 250234, Miss A, 44 from Darwin NT code 280098, Miss S, 19 from Albury NSW code 220762, Miss P, 34 from Warrane, TAS code 270383, Miss S, 34 from Dunedin area NZ code 290615, Miss K, 31 from Christchurch, code 290615.

Men:  Mr M, 39 from Inner West Sydney, NSW code 121285, Mr G, 62 from ACT code 121318, Mr D, 42 from Merriden WA code 161369, Mr I, 64 from Coffs Harbour region NSW code 121067, Mr J, 40 from Parkes NSW code 121254, Mr R, 38 from Invercargill NZ.

No matter where you live or what you do, chances are we have someone waiting for you. Call today for an instant free search to see who matches.

In Aust 1300 856 640

From NZ 0800 856 640

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