There is nothing like a man with a plan

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so it is worth the time and effort to do a little planning.  Women love a “take charge guy”. Now that doesn’t mean they like someone who wants to bully or control. It means women are attracted to a man who is able to make a plan and a decision without having to refer to them. There’s nothing attractive about feeling like someones mother! So when you are ringing a lady for the first time, have a plan. Make a short list of appropriate venues that are local to the lady.  You want the lady to be in her comfort zone so that she is relaxed and at ease when you meet. If she feels unsafe or anxious due to the venue, she will equate these feelings to being with you and you most certainly won’t get a second date.

When you ring, be calm and assured, introduce yourself and suggest the two of you get together for a coffee or drink or whatever you had in mind.  Suggest a venue and but also say “unless there is somewhere in particular you would like to meet?”  Have a couple of backup venues in mind in case she is not keen on your first choice.

Happy dating!



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